Sunday, March 29, 2009

I feel anguish at the mindset of some of our writers like Abhinavs & so called "pragmatic blogger" who have misused the press/blog forum to spread hatred/malice against our military on the name of freedom of expression .One such proponent of freedom denied me the same by expunging my comments detailed below thus exposing his hypocrisy:
"I find that this blog is mainly used by you to encourage expression of anti military feelings by bloggers who have rancor for the military services. I am sure you would expunge my opinion like in the past under the garb of edit due to reason of NOT to your liking.
Whose interest do you serve by letting some bloggers to emit venom/poison against the military? You seem to be sowing the seeds of discontentment & division between military & non-military services by allowing prejudiced minds to ventilate their views just to gain monetary benefits at the cost of unity of the nation at large.
I feel dismayed at 72 & pray that sanity should prevail over passions generated while writing their comments against each other to prove oneself while down grading the wisdom of the opposing opinion of a well acknowledged/resputed lawyer like Navdeep Singh ,who has refuted so convincingly the absurd points raised in your blog."
I have restrained in directly naming the so called "pragmatic blogger" but hope it would still be identified by the readers who I imply.

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