Sunday, March 29, 2009

Posted on Staff corner Forum of 6th Pay commission Report under New year cheers for armed forces increased pay:

Dear Friends,
It has pained me a lot while reading the comments of PBORs who have found an easy outlet to give vent to their wrath against their superiors.No one likes to be inferior to another person ,be it be at work or even at home.Probably our children /spouses too feel the same way.We live in a society that has framed certain rules of management at various venues/organization.It is rather unfortunate that we do not live in a utopian world that gives equal position to all.Even in an exam the results are awarded according to performance & there by graded.We have had opportunity to prepare for competing with others & those who performed well were obviously selected to occupy higher positions based on merit.So let us not grudge those placed above us.Some where down the line we are all placed above/below others.
All of us are not compensated equally even though our needs are universal.Therefore please let us reconcile to our present state & of course strive/aspire for higher status by virtue of our own efforts to improve our present.Please stop cribbing & start working harder.
I can tell you from my personal example that I too started at the lowest level& rose to become an officer in Air force.Today at 72+ ,I am contended because contentment is a state of mind & sooner we realize it ,the better it is for our peace of mind.
While making comparison with others ,remember there are many placed below you as are those above you.It is a human nature to demand more ,be it money ,food or even sex.There are other living beings sharing this planet with us.
We are special creatures of Creator ,let us live with compassion for others without undue jealousy.
I just wrote so to comfort you all my fellow beings without any ill will towards any person.

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