Thursday, February 24, 2011


We all have to face the grief of learning about the impending tragedies that confront our lives directly or indirectly !! Both the types of griefs which directly affect the lives of the individuals or indirectly those whose Near/ dear one suffer due to being diagnosed with an incurable disease such as Leukemia also called Blood cancer is a terrible tragedy !! However grief to the person diagnosed as a patient or to those who are close to the sufferer of the ailment is very hard to evaluate.
I feel the suffering is more intensely felt by the sufferer of the disease !! Although we are all aware of the fact that we are all destined to leave this life sooner or later but we do not give much thought to this fact. But when one is specifically forewarned that his/ her existance is limited to a specific period of time ,then it is harsh reality which is rather very hard to bear by the person diagnosed with the incurable ailment than the persons who hold the sufferer very dear / close to their heart !!
While it is too hard for the person to bear the thought of impending end of life he/ she wanted to live for various reasons of commitment to others who may be dependent on such person or unfulfilled desires / task which the person had conceived for self !! It becomes more tragic when the person diagnosed is too young ,say in early twenties when aspirations run high in life !! It is too tragic to bear such a loss by those not directly involved but being close to the victim of the disease also suffer a lot .The loss of life by any being , human or other form is universally unbearable .But time is the best healer for those who hold the person dear .
There is NOT a single family that has not lost prematurely some one held dear by them . But none can gauge the suffering by the person who is suddenly made to foresee the end of lifef or being forewarned about the end ! Who would like or likes to die ? None without exception if I dare say so !!
The question might arise in the mind of the reader as the reason for my writing so !! Well I have to face the tragedy indirectly as I am just informed by some one very dear/ close to me that the person has just been diagnosed as a patient suffering from Leaukemia . I find the thought chilling both for the person directly involved & me as an indirectly involved person !! The sudden revelation to both of us is a shock hard to bear !! I have suffered a heart attack about 9 years back but to the best of my memory , I never thought worrysome of the impending end to my existance at 65 years of age but now when the patient happens to be just 23 years of age , I find the grief too unbearable !!
Under the prevailing circumstaces , one has to resort to PRAYER for rhe inevitable to turn evitable !! Where every other means fail to produce the desired / intended result One has to call through The MERCY plea with the unknown force whom we all call GOD to shower HIS MERCY on the victim to grant relief to the suffering person who is so DEAR to us to prolong the life span of the sufferer/ Victim! I would therefore seek the MERCY from GOD to grant a fresh lease of life to this very Dear person
May I request all the readers of this blog to join me in the prayer to prolong the life of the sufferer by curing the person of otherwise incurable disease as we all know that where all others fail to provide relief the miracles DO occur to save lives of such sufferers through PRAYER !! AMEN !!!

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