Friday, December 9, 2011

The passing away of a dear Mother

We are all destined to pass away at certain period of time which is definite but when exactly , is woven in mystery . Some of us leave all of a sudden due to accident caused by reasons well beyond our control/ prediction which leaves the relatives in a state of shock !! The impact of shock lies on how closely you were related to the deceased person !!The life span in any form is limited in time domain depending on the species .
The life span in the human form under the normal circumstances is limited to living conditions prevailing at the place of residence of the person . Besides , it also depends on the medical/ physical state of the person in general.
Yet we are never prepared to accept the certainty of end of our lives or that of our near /dear ones . This is but an inevitable event that we are all destined to face at some or other time in our lives, yet we are all taken by shock which is almost invariably unbearable to all of us when we are confronted by the end of life of a near/ dear one !
We find it unbearable to face the death of our parents who are held dear by us since they were so much part & parcel of our own lives since we came into this worldly existence ! The relation between the mother & her children is a special bond that is linked by birth !! In fact even before birth starting from the conception stage of our existence. The motherhood is a special status assigned to the female in each specie by the law of nature & is respected by all humans in every society !! The love & care associated with motherhood is unique & is unmatched with all other forms of love that we all term as love !!Compare it to the love that exists between a man & a woman or between other blood relation , there can hardly be comparison between any of these & the one between mother & her off spring !!
It is indeed another feeling of grief that I am constrained to add to the recent experience of intense pain that I had to share with yet another person who I came to know through internet of course , that had to bear the sudden loss of her dear mother due to the cancer of liver that she had to suffer !! I find that she is completely devastated at her sudden loss which is too unbearable by this young girl who lost her dear mother after a lot of suffering !! The family left behind her is rather quite large comprising of 6 young daughters & a son ,the eldest one being a highly qualified young girl with a master's degree, the others being girls of quite high academic achievements of masters & graduate in Textile , while others still busy in their education !!
We all are destined to go sooner or later since we all are mortals but it is easier said than personally experienced pang of separation from some one who has been part & parcel of our upbringing !! Mother is a special person in our lives.Be of any species , the mother's love is indeed unique & there is a famous saying ' God could not be every where so HE made the mother "!! The true example of pure love can only be matched with the love between a mother & her off spring !!
I am sad to learn about the passing away of a very dear one's very dear mother & join in her grievous loss of a person held so high in respect & love by the family !!
May the departed soul rest in eternal peace & may God give sufficient fortitude to the bereaved family !! AMEN

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