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THE revised pension for JCOs & below

This is a copy of my comments published in indianexservicemen blog

The new pension rules for our veteran brothers up to the JCO & Eqvt level based on the recommendations of Secretary committee are finally out & accessible to all the interested veterans having computer access.
In this connection I would like to bring out my comments published earlier in this blog which are copied & placed below.
The revised pension per the proposal of secretary would most likely be for X group with 33 years of service including weightage:

Sepoy 50% of 14050 = 7025
Naik 50 % of 15060 =7530
Havildar 50 % of 16710 =8355
Naib Subedar 50 % of 23020 =11510
Subedar 50 % of 26210 = 13105
Sub Major 50 % of 26900 = 13450
You may verify these figures from the table in 6th pay commision report , modified by the secretaries Report.The formula for my calculation was given in my earlier comments.
Regards & best wishes .
I should bring out here that my calculation was slightly different for the ranks of Sepoy ,Naik & Havildar due to my omission of element of Classification pay/allowance of Rs 120/- thereby showing a discrepancy of Rs 60/- in my figures arrived at.However ,the figures in respect of Nb Subedar ,Subedar & Sub Major are correctly calculated by me as compared to the figures appearing in the table for army veterans in group X at 30 Years plus service.
Now it would be interesting to compare the pension if it was granted @70% of the minimum of the pay band as per the scale approved by the Govt.
The amount of pension based on 70% of the minimum pay band is placed below for comparison with the amount now approved by the Govt:
Sepoy : 70% of (5200+2000 grade pay+2000 MSP +1400 Group X pay +150 of Classification pay=10750x70%=7525 while the presnt pension approve is 7085.
Naik:5200+2400+2000+1400+120=11120x70%=7784 compared to 7590 approved pension.
Havildar: 5200+2800+2000+1400+120=11520
x70%=8064 compared to 8064 approved pension
Nb Sub.:9300+4200+2000+1400=16900
x70%=11830 compared to Rs 11510 approved pension.
Subedar: 9300+4600+2000+1400=17300
x70%=12110 compared to Rs 13105 approved pension.
Sub. Major: 9300+4800+2000+1400=17500
x70%=12250 compared to Rs 13450
I would leave it to the readers to make their own assessment of what is sanctioned as compared to OROP if sanctioned as envisaged by us.
Therefore please do NOT be misguided by the PSEUDO LEADERS who claim that OROP suits only OFFICERS & not all the veterans.Of course I did not calculate the pension of say Havildar who retires post 2006 with 30 years of service. Just imagine what would be his pension while he is placed in pay band as on 01 jan 2006 at say 26/27 years of service & his pension amount in comparison with a Havildar with the same length of service but who retired before 01 Jan 2006.
I leave it your judgement to reconcile to the present state of your pension in case you had retired before Jan 2006 or aspire & fight for OROP.
With best wishes to all the veterans & hope that I could make you realize what you should aspire for & why.
SKS( Veteran)

March 12, 2010 8:40 AM

Blogger gentle said...

I wish to correct the typing error in my above post for the rank of Havildar. It should read as 8064 compared to Rs 8415 approved pension.
Thanks for publishing my comments.
With regards,
SKS (Veteran)

March 13, 2010 6:10 AM

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