Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ex-Servicemen Blogs & Positive Role of EXWEL TRUST Veterans

I can not restrain myself from showering praises on the role of the some of the most revered among the Ex-servicemen like Hon.Fg.Officer C ChandraSekar, who have been contributing a lot by their exemplary/ exceptional service for the cause/ welfare of Ex servicemen .
More so in the light of mushrooming of so many blogs of specially ex servicemen who claim to represent the interest of our so called under-privileged class of Ex servicemen by exploiting their condition, such acts of individuals like him need to be highlighted by your Blog.Even the educated class of such Ex-servicemen belonging to Army, IAF & navy are becoming easy bait by some of these Pseudo leaders who are claiming to represent such group. There is absolutely NO doubt that our men in/out of uniform have NOT been given their DUES ,in terms of monetary benefits as well RECOGNITION of very important role played by the Defense personnel of all ranks ,in preserving the freedom of our country who have sacrificed their lives /privileges in the service of their mother land.
I wish to convey my concern at the attitude of such Pseudo Leaders who are hell bent on dividing our Ex Services community on the lines of different ranks that are part of every Military in the world ,being an in-escapable necessity in an organization of hierarchical nature
We do not live in a Utopian society devoid of class.We do not have equal compensation for the work done by us in any society & to curse those placed above us is not right approach since some where down the line we are placed above & below others.
Let us NOT allow others to exploit us to their own advantage to carve out their own higher status of being our leaders.We must assert our own views based on our personal assessments without being influenced by others who seem to influence our minds for their own personal gains/reputation.
In this regard,I can say without any personal bias ,that your blog is held in high esteem by all Ex-servicemen of all ranks.
KUDOS to your contribution for the service to the Ex servicemen & their families irrespective of their ranks.
With warm regards,
Wg Cdr (Retd) Sushil K Sudan

November 16, 2009 8:00 AM


Exwel Trust said...

Respected Sir,

On behalf of the Exwel Trust, I thank you very much for your lovely comments and an exclusive posting in your Blog. The Exwel Team wishes to see you and your entire family in a group Photo for placing in the Trust Office. Please send one for our album.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,
C.Muthukrishnan (Sgt)

JUSTIN said...

respected sir,
rightly pointed out about dividing policy. but the so called under privileged feels they r done in by govt on following points
1) 70% pen weightage was 1 of the core anamoly along with pb-4. pb-4 is thru, what about 70% p.w
2) the recently implemented cos report is effective from 01/07/2009 where as all offrs benefits r effected from 01/01/2006 and using the word CONCESSION 4 pen benefit, why this step motherly treatment to or???
3) the cir 350 arrears is paid to offrs from 01/01/1996 where as the or's r paid from 01/01/2006.
with due respect and courtesy i have tried to point out the injustice met to or's and the height of matter is no offrs has come forward to support the or's.even the offrs blog do not carry any concern about the said points. sir, r v not suppose to expect support from our offrs in our hour of need??? yes some friends have expressed it in unfriendly manner i also condemn it.

thanking u
yours sincerely
x sgt jn christian

gentle said...

Dear Veteran Justin,
You have raised very relevant points to which I would respond in short:
Regarding 70% in pension weight-age ,let us remember that it would be indeed wishful on our part to expect the Govt to make it 70% of the maximum scale but it would have been reasonable to make it 70% of the minimum of pay band as applicable to the basic principle as applied to all other pensioners category which would have yielded the results as tabulated in my last post under the title of "Revised pension of JCOs & below".In certain cases it would have exceeded the revision granted in lower ranks ,but would have fallen short in case of Havildars & above.The 70 % of pension benefit sounds good but its reference being undefined at any stage by the Govt has made it quite attractive apparently.Can you or any one else point this reference to us all ?
Yes the date of implementation being 01jul 2009 in place of 01 Jan 2006 is quite a contentious issue. If this package is acceptable to us ,we should contend it ,otherwise it is a futile exercise. The circular 350 concerns only to ORs & as pointed out by you even the Hon Supreme court has announced its verdict on making revised pension applicable retrospectively applicable to all uniform-ally .I wish to differ with you on your comments that NO OFFICER has come out in support of such demand of the men in any blog or shown any concern about the men's demand as borne by my own comments to raise the demands of so called PBORs.
Let us all fight unitedly on the issue of OROP which encompasses the demands of all the servicemen & the day is NOT FAR when it would be achieved finally as evident from the AFT Chandigarh verdict as well as anomaly in pay fixation by the 4th pay commission verdict made by the Hon Supreme court very recently.
LET US NOT SIT DIVIDED as envisaged by the DIVISIVE ELEMENTS amongst us but FIGHT UNITEDLY FOR OROP which would FULFILL the aspirations for all time to come.
I hope ,I could clear the basic conflict set in the minds of our men that officers only think of themselves alone.
With regards & hoping to close the gap of TRUST between the pensioners of all category & class.

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