Monday, April 13, 2009

When it comes to ethics ,we the defense services are expected to set the example for others to follow.But having said so ,one would tend to ask the other professionals including Mr Thapar,how honest they are in paying their share of IT to the Govt.I wonder ,how would the amount attributable to exemption of IT to the services stand in comparison to the amount evaded in IT revenue by the rest of the country including the politicians.There are the so called creamy layers among the reservation classes ,who have made hay under the so called suppressed class category, which we all have lumped ,yet when it comes to such offer to services which wont be unbearable loss to the exchequer ,we are reminded to set an example by turning down such offer by a political party calling it as an exterior motive to gain votes from the services!I would rather call it HYPOCRISY by the likes of Mr Thapar.


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Thanks ,Dear Anonymous.
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