Friday, May 15, 2009

PBORs Demands

gentle said...
The PBORs are highly qualified skilled personnel who deserve to be assured career progression with the advancement of technology & the weaponary handled by them ,besides the risks involved in the type of situations handled by them.The hardships faced by them while serving as well as post early retirement deserve recognition by not only the Government but the society at large who are assured secured living by these dedicated men in uniform.The demands are genuinely well desereved & it is high time for the Govt to accept them at the earliest.
This should also remind the Govt to look into the promised raise in the pension to 70 % of their last salary since the Govt has failed for lateral transfer to Para military services of these young trained , highly dedicated & discplined force who are ever ready to face all perils to their lives for the preservation of freedom of their motherland unlike the politicians who place self interest above All .
It also calls for faster career progrssion in their career profile to assure their status raise to Warrant/ JCO rank after 15 years of service like the level of Colonel after 15 years of commissioned service.


Muthukrishnan said...

Respected Sir,

Thank u very much for posting the demand of the PBORs in a nice way in your Blog 'Thoughtful expression'.I really appreciate your love for the PBORs. Eventhough you are far away, but your thoughtful expressions are always close to our hearts.

May God bless you with Good health and long life.

sbk958a said...

Respected Sir,

I respect ur heart-felt feeligs towards pbor.Thank u very much,ur thoughtful expressions are always close to our hearts.

May God bless you with Good health and long life.


Respected Sir,

Today only I happended to visit blog, to see such a nice being posted despite your seventy plus age and keeping raising your voice. I really appreciate your affection towards PBORs welfare. I pray the almighty for good hhealth and long life.

Jai Hind.

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